Auron yhdistyy Fysiokseen. Auron toimipisteet muuttuvat nimeltään ja ulkoasultaan Fysiokseksi ja varaukset siirtyvät asteittain sivuille kevääseen 2021 mennessä. Yhdistymisen ansiosta asiakkaille tarjottavat palvelut lisääntyvät.

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Auron provides a wide range of high quality physiotherapy services. We are the leading actor in the field of physioterapy, rehabilitation and well-being in Finland. Auron chain of physiotherapy experts consists of more than 100 certified partners all over Finland. Auron Physiotherapists are experts in treating muscoloskeletal disorders of back, neck, shoulder and also problems of upper and lower extremities. Our uniform therapy concepts, continuous development and training ensure the high quality, which we keep measuring through results and effectiveness. Our treatment processes not only aim to prevent the reoccurring of musculoskeletal symptoms but also to promote an active way of life and self-care.


Massage helps with muscle aches and pains and the pain they cause, it also relaxes and brings a feeling of well-being. Massage can help to speed up post-sport recovery as needed and improve performance.

Now the first visit to MASSAGE -50%
Price examples in the metropolitan area: 19.95€ (30 min) / 24.95€ (45 min) / 29.95€ (60 min)

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